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Utah #1 in bigotry! Still! Again! Forever!

A very old joke.

The pilot’s voice over the intercom as the airliner begins its descent into the Salt Lake valley: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re approaching Salt Lake City.  Please set your watches back 30 years.”

Like I said, it’s an old joke.  After all, we scored the Olympics, proving that with a little bit of bribery and a temporary change in the liquor laws, we could hold our own with Nagano and subtropical Sochi.  You like us, you really really like us!

Right?  Wait.  What’s this?  Oh, blast it.  The New York Times is picking on us again.

Support for same-sex marriage is apparently accepted by 45% of the U.S. population, sometimes even more.  But not in Utah.  Nope.  With our pure intransigence we’ve bested Alabama, Mississippi, Idaho and a bunch of the other usual suspects.  While attitudes across the country have slowly been changing, now when you come to Utah you only need to turn your clock back to 1994. (Click here to see the complete story and click the map button to see how every other state besides Utah in the United States of America has evolved since then.)