PCE pirates “search” for Captain to steer UAPCS rig

After Cap’n Steve Winitzky was marched down the Parents for Choice in Education/Utah Association of Public Charter Schools (PCE/UAPCS) gangplank back in May – followed shortly thereafter by his hapless crew – it became obvious that sooner or later, he’d have to be replaced. Kim Frank had certainly performed a useful function as an accomplice, but beyond that, the skill set was somewhat limited.

Finally, nearly 3 rudderless months after prodding Winitzky with the cutlass, PCE/UAPCS issued a job announcement.  On the UAPCS website?  Surely you jest.  On monster.com?  Not bloody likely.  CareerbuilderUtah Non-Profits Association?  Oh, let’s just cut to the chase.

The job announcement was posted on that site better known as Utah’s very own homegrown version of Craigslist, somewhere between the used sofas and homeless parakeets.  That’s right: KSL.com.

If you want to apply, you’d better hurry.  The stealth announcement went up on August 6, and is scheduled to close tomorrow, which also happens to be just 10 days after member charter schools were informed of the search at their monthly meeting and urged (nudge nudge, wink wink) to help recommend candidates.  Resumes are being collected by someone who works for Jed Stevenson, UAPCS board member, PCE trustee, and owner of one of the two companies that make up the Utah duopoly in for-profit charter school management companies: Academica West.  You didn’t think they were going to trust a charter school to collect applications, did you?

Now, most reasonably intelligent people would look at this and surmise that the game is rigged…PCE/UAPCS already knows perfectly well who it wants to hire, but it can’t be quite that blatant.  For those who still want to engage in the masochistic adventure of trying to score an interview well, don’t bother, unless you:

a) hate unions and teachers, in that order.

b) enjoy defending the idea of robbing money from public schools to pay home schoolers.

c) are prepared to explain to the press what Utah charter schools have in common with a nuclear waste disposal facility and what in turn, that has to do with a group claiming to be all about “grassroots.”

d) can explain how you’ll help Utah’s charter schools. (Trick question: Nobody cares what you want to do for Utah’s charter schools, they’re a tool to give your “grassroots” group credibility and numbers, nothing else.)

e) give Atlas Shrugged pride of place on your nightstand, and not for its sleep-inducing properties.


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