Questions, we’ve got questions

Paul Rolly’s story on the hostile takeover at the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools (UAPCS) was a good start.  Here’s a little more …

1. UAPCS Board Chair & PCE Board Member Mark Cluff told Rolly that the annual meeting was simply moved to October so that the bylaws could be re-written.  But this is not a simple delay.  It is a cancellation.  By precedent, UAPCS held its annual vote in May, prior to a fiscal year that begins in July.  If there was a vote in May 2009 and no vote in May 2010, then by definition, the vote for the 2009/2010 year was cancelled.

2. What exactly is the horrendous problem with the UAPCS bylaws that requires six months to repair and necessitates the cancellation of a simple unrelated vote on a board of directors?  If member schools can’t even understand it, perhaps Rolly could ask Cluff to explain?

The association just held its annual statewide conference this week at the Provo Marriott, two entire months after the April member meeting where the cancellation of the May vote was first announced.  What about that venue was not seen as convenient and by whom?  Perhaps the PCE/for-profit consulting junta running the UAPCS board was a tad nervous about whether or not they’d be endorsed unless they had time to run a campaign?  How much time would they need?  Would six months spiced with a little fearmongering about upcoming anti-charter legislation do the trick?

Roberto Micheletti, Honduras's Interim Dictator (Utah's example?)

3. We note that four of the seven UAPCS board members have terms that expire in June of 2010: two of the four are the supremely conflicted Lincoln Fillmore and Jed Stevenson who run for-profit charter school consulting companies.  Robyn Bagley of the unquenchable political ambition is another.  Where is the provision in the bylaws that allows board members to remain beyond their term by virtue of a cancelled election?  Are we in Honduras or Utah?

4. Where are the board meeting minutes?  In fact, come to think of it, where are the notices of recent board meetings in compliance with the open meeting law?  We hear that all or at least part of the UAPCS junta met at this week’s charter school conference once or maybe several times.  Where are the notices of these meetings to the membership?  Where are the minutes?  Are there other off-the-record, un-noticed meetings members should know about?  If there’s nothing to hide, why the secrecy?

5.  Craig Frank’s confessed conflict:  Chart Right Dissemination Project.  Clever, that.  But voting on charter school issues after pillow talk with an accidental charter school lobbyist is still the real conflict, and not listing that on your conflict of interest form is a crime.  We hear the penalty is something like $1000 and jail.  But we’ll wait for Rolly to fetch the link.


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